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Yugofied & de-nazified K98k

I don't glorify nazi pukes. But the Germans built the best rifles in the world.

This is a Kar98k that was manufactured in 1940 by Mauser Oberndorf. There are enough remnants of the Waffenampts to tell where it came from and enough left of the receiver date to know it was made in 1940. It has walked the walk. Its also quite an accurate rifle. While my preference is for 29" barreled rifles I do like this one. Caliber is 8x57 Mauser. Its about 2nd to .30-06 in military rifle calibers.



I've always wanted to own a WW2 era Mauser 98k that has been untouched, or close to it.

Besides, I don't think the people who made it were pukes. Not like the foreign policies of either side were much to smile upon. But that's a whole other ideological discussion, and I sure appreciate a damn fine rifle.

I feel the same way about AK47s, and people could feel the same way about Israeli weapons.

I mean, even the Israelis used the German surplus rifles to gain independence. 8)
Cool little historical details that follow around a weapon give it personality, IMO.
Nice K98! I haven't bought one yet as there were other rifles i wanted more. But now i've got a pile of 8mm ammo, soooo...

I see a Yugoslavian M24/47 in excellent condition going for $160 online. Then, maybe, a K98. (Unless a cheap Russian laminated SKS come by.)


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