XDm .40 with 7 Mags

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    Just thought I would throw this out there. Up for trade is a Black on Black XDm .40 with 7 Mags. Not exactly sure on the round count, few hundred but under 1k for sure. Great shape, always clean after shooting. I will add some pics later but it is like all others out there, Black on Black.

    I origionally purchased this gun to get into competition shooting but with the baby now here ammo fund has been put into diaper fund. I am not looking to sell just trade.

    I would prefer to trade straight across but can possibly throw in some ammo to even things up. Again with new baby not much cash lying around.

    Main concern would be a gun suitable for conceal carry. To be honest this one isn't bad but I dont like how long the grip is an prints when I move too much.

    Top of the list would be a Sig 228 or 229 9mm.
    I like the feel, look, and reputation.

    I am open to any offers, if you are interested please let me know what you have. I have enough rifles so I am going to stick with Handgun autos.

    Last thing, live in Vancouver WA so would prefer a FTF trade. Can travel a reasonable distance. And you must be willing to file a transfer.


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