xd9sc,s&w 45,glock 22. range day

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by slind, May 16, 2013.

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    well I went to the range yesterday and shot those 3 guns. it was first time trying out my new xd9sc. I only tried it out for seeing if it would take my carry ammo. I must admit. on the 7 yard and 50 feet and 25 yard range. it out shot my other 2 guns... and they are full size. .. i finally got the right ammo for the 45 m & p to pretty much match it. but wow. I was suprised since I carry the glock and am a pretty good shot. I found out that my m & p 45 full size like the accu # 2 at 5.2 grams with 230 grain set at 1.230 for cast lead.
    I sould like to find out what the speer gold dots have for poswder and what the depth is set at and how much since i shot the best with those in the glock. but all of my other ammo could not compare to any with the xd9sc... it was an amazing day and the groups were all done in slow and fast shot rounds. so i will be more confident this summer with my new carry gun. it performed as well if not better than myg 22 and 45. but after the right bullet the 45 did the best. and i am just getting used to that. it will be my new winter carry. but the glock sits by my bed.

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