XD-45 w/ Thumb safety

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    For sale is my XD45. I am eyeballing the new (m)3.8 in .45, so this needs to go to help fund the purchase.

    It's been shot quite a bit and never an issue. It has been carried, quite a bit as well, but doesn't show much carry wear.

    Here is what you get:
    [color=#FF000]XD-45 w/Thumb Safety
    • Trijicon NS (about a year old, glows bright)
      Powder River Trigger and Sear Spring Kit (crisp, light trigger)
      Pachmeyer Slip on Grip (a must have, so nice)
      3 mags (shiny mags)
      Original Tupperware (with gear)
      Maybe some extra stuff if I can think of something


    Private transaction, no paperwork needed unless you show up to the meet looking all shady, then I will ask for ID, CPL, First Born, pics of your wife... You know, the standard stuff.

    Not wanting any trades at this time, unless you happen to be trading a XD(m) 3.8 in .45 which then I will trade you this gun and a shoebox full of $1's.



    TLR-1s not included

    ** I know, the pic shows 6 mags... I am keeping 3 since they will work with the XD(m)... :p **

    PM me here, or email; webmaster@WaGuns.org

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