WTT/WTS 7.62x39 Lapua brass cased boxer primed reloadable 12

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    This is the best, most accurate, 7.62x39 made. Made in Finland. It has annealed brass cases and is great for reloading. It's going for $1.46 a round on midway usa
    Lapua Ammo 7.62x39mm 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket Box of 30
    I want $1.00 a round but would prefer to trade for Chinese ammo 2-1, or golden tiger 4-1. It comes in 30 round boxes, and will go in 30 round boxes.
    I just shot 200 rounds of this, and it is by far the most accurate ammo in this caliber.
    When opening the boxes a few of the rounds had just a touch of corrosion where they touch the box lid. I took a picture of the worst box I saw when shooting it. This had no effect on the ammo as far as accuracy or cycling, and the brass came out of the rifles clean. I'm just letting you know for full discloser so there are no surprises.

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