WTT/WTS 6 Ton chain Come-along / Hoist CM / Fuller

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    Here's a 6 Ton chain hoist.

    The total chain length is about 25-30 feet. The total lift is 5-6 feet.
    CM Fuller, Model B. They go for $807.95 plus shipping brand new. I was just about to post this, and my wife said she found it for $750 on Ebay.

    The weight of the hoist by itself is 71 pounds- it's not a cheap import.
    34965c43-ea96-4986-bd5e-3aa94de49c65_zps42e31ebd.jpg RESDscn9827_zps06146295.jpg

    It is not rusted out or nasty... Standard shop use, standard shop dirt, and guaranteed to work. We can hook it up to the backhoe bucket and lift something heavy if you want to test it out.

    Price? Hmm, I still prefer trades. I'll take $250 and turn it around for guns and ammo, so it'd be nice to trade for guns or ammo. I am not picky.

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