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wtt my winchester 1200

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by skrot, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. skrot

    skrot portland New Member

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    Hi guys,gals. I hope I crossed this over correct,if not sorry..I have a winchester model 1200 12g. Proof steel, mod .710, 2 3/4, 28" barrel .My dad got it in the late 70s and I think the things seen less rounds than its gage, he only shot it a few times. It has been sitting in my closet for along time and has'nt seen use in years.there shouldnt be anything wrong with it at all other than a service probly since its been sitting? maybe? Its a very nice shot gun but it never gets used and Im looking for a 9mm, or .380 hand gun so I thought Id through up a trade in "handguns" (the "cross over" above)...something fairly easy,..pull, point, shoot (Ive heard it refer'd too). Im keeping a conceiled carry weapon in mind so something in the compact would be nice. Im basically looking for alittle home defence behond my rifles.Id like to ultimantly end up with a carry weapon so a smaller 9mm,or a 380 I thought might be nice. I cant find anything to date the gun,noone shows the 1200 serials. its accually a common problem,no one seems to know. so I dont know but ive seen prices of $200-$300 in general and its a preety nice gun still in good condition.well let me know if your interested.







    Someone brought up the choke. I dont know much about that. The barrel does remove and interchange but theres no threaded piece which is the winchoke if I understand correctly?
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  2. Straight9

    Straight9 Salem, Oregon, United States Member

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    How about a picture?