WTT Misc vintage/odd Ammo, 300savage,.30 Rem,30.06,10ga,etc...

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    2012-06-05_12-44-05_444.jpg For trade, misc ammo that wandered into my hands.

    .30 Remington, in vintage Winchester boxes 46 rounds total, (20 Silver tip, 26 soft point, 3 boxes)
    .22lr, in vintage Remington and Winchester boxes, 120ish rounds total, (70ish Remington, 50 Winchester)
    10Ga 3.5" Magnum, most in BB copper, couple in 4B. 23 rounds total
    300 Savage 29 rounds, (16Winchester, 13 Federal)
    30.06 Loose and in vintage Peters box, 19 rounds total

    Will trade any or all for like value in any caliber below...
    ("Like value" is what ever you would like to value them at, I will trust you to be fair.)
    I am in Olympia (near the Lacey Cabelas), prefer to have you meet me nearby but if you are out of the area I might could be convinced to ship, on your dime of course.

    9x8 Makerov
    7.7x58 Jap
    6.5 Carcano
    8mm Lebel (pistol)

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