WTS Two antiques; 1895 Obendorf 94/14 Carbine and Danzig 71/84 Rifle

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    These are both legal antiques, not subject to the restrictions of the GCA so can be sold to anyone of legal age (18 or older).
    1. Swedish 94/14 manufactured in 1895 at Oberndorf. Very good overall condition, plus it has all-matching parts down to the rear sight leaf. The bore shows rounding of the lands but is eminently shootable. Matching, un-bubba'd Oberndorfs are tough to find. $795 local pickup.
    2. 71/84 11mm (black powder ctg.) Mauser repeating bolt-action rifle in near-mint condition manufactured in 1887. An incipient crack in the wrist was stabilized professionally at Shooters Emporium in Portland. Absolutely unissued condition, pristine bore, and ALL parts are stamped matching down to the screws. For the advanced collector who appreciates 19th Century technology and fitting. $975 local pickup.

    I will ship these upon receipt of a photocopy of driver's license or other standard proof of age for $25 extra to cover postage.

    Oberndorf right profile.jpg

    Oberndorf receiver.jpg

    Oberndorf Disc.jpg

    71.84 left profile.jpg

    71.84 Left Shank.jpg
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