WTS S&W M&P Model 327 R8 (8 rnd .357 Mag) [SOLD]

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Kentucky Windage, May 29, 2012.

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    A friend of mine recommended this site to me, so here I am.

    -S&W M&P Model 327 R8 (8 rnds of .357 Mag)
    -518 rounds through the bore
    -Built 20111029
    -Scandium frame - 36 oz
    -SS Cylinder
    -Chamfered charge holes
    -Milled for full Moon Clips (from the factory)
    -Designed to run 100% w/ or w/ out moon clips - performs as advertised
    -5" bbl
    -Free floating bbl
    -Partridge interchangeable front sight (contrast; ramped; gold bead; tritium)
    -Ball detent lock-up (very strong)
    -1913 rail at 6 O' clock and 12 O' clock
    -12 O' clock 1913 is recessed down the center of the rail; does not interfere with irons; allows the use of irons if your optic goes down
    -Adjustable forcing cone
    -2lb SA/buttery smooth DA w/ Wolff mainspring with traditional sear
    -Trigger overtravel stop
    -Gold Bead & Contrast front sight included

    This is a S&W Performance Center gun. It is very well built and a very nice shooter. It's more accurate than most people are - it will easily put slug after slug on top of each other...if you can. If you miss, it's your fault. With practice reloads are extremely fast. Faster than some semi-autos.

    Comes with original Performance Center case, manual, first fired .357 case (signed w/ date by S&W PC Tech aka birth certificate), 3 moon clips, and a soft ambi Blackhawk holster with thumb break that works for verticle, canted, and cross draw.

    Blade Tech and Safariland both make holsters for this revolver - hip and thigh rigs.

    8 rnd moon clips are easy to come by. Order them straight from S&W. I currently have several sets on back order. A few companies make speed loaders for 8 rnd .357 Smith wheels too.

    -Asking $1200.00
    -Must have valid WADL and CPL

    Prefer to sell to LEO/Mil however, a responsible enthusiast would be fine. Take it to the range and turn some heads - espescially if you have a sidearm bayonete. Or use it on duty - when the baddy counts to 6 tell him to keep counting.

    The lady mentioned she would like to shoot the R8 again before I let it go. So if anyone (who is interested in the weapon) wanted to see how it slings lead in person, getting together would be a possibility. I am located in Sammamish; my place of business is in Bellevue.

    This revolver is a favorite of mine and I will be getting another one.

    PM me with any questions etc.


    If I am able to pay my bills off before this revolver goes, it will no longer be for sale.

    Will entertain trade offers plus cash:
    SIG 226 Navy/Combat (w/ 1913)
    Gen 4 Plastic Fantastics
    M&P Plastic Fantastics
    Lightweight 1911's - 4-5" w/ & w/out 1913

    Must be in similar condition; new to like new.














  2. Kentucky Windage

    Kentucky Windage
    WA State
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