WTS: PREBAN Knight's Armament SR-25 Match, KAC/Kinght's Manufacturing SR25 .308/7.62

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    Pre-ban Knight's SR-25 "Match" with rare serial number for sale. This SR-25 has not been fired since leaving the factory! The bolt is still sealed in factory plastic along with original magazine and has not been inserted in the rifle. It will come with a second magazine sealed in plastic and the buyer has the option to purchase one additional unused magazine sealed in plastic at a discount. This SR-25 features a factory threaded gas block for use with suppressor.

    Designed by Eugene Stoner (The designer of the M16/AR-15) and Reed Knight (owner of Knight Armament) to be accurate beyond 1000 yards. This SR-25 is the "Match" model which was Knight's most accurate variation of the SR-25. This rifle features a Match grade floating 24" bull barrel; .820 diameter at muzzle; carbon fiber free-float hand guard with bipod adapter, and a chromed bolt carrier group.

    I am the original owner and I purchased this SR-25 in 1994. This rifle has a very rare six digit serial number starting with a 1 (1214xx) rather that the customary five digit serial. The original instruction manual and care guide is included along with the original factory proof target showing this particular rifle's capabilities are sub MOA even before being lapped or broken in. A hard case is also included.


    The logo on the receiver is the dark style, machined, but without white paint.

    $3950.00 plus shipping with the original documents (I can provide a copy of the purchase reciept) and two mags still sealed in plastic. I'll toss in another unused mag for $45 more.
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