WTS - M&P 9mm Shield Bend, OR w/ Ammo and IWB holster.

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    Bend, OR

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    Hello from Bend, OR.

    Looking to sell or trade.

    Great gun, not a single failure. 200 Rounds through it. Finish has some signs of wear but it's been very well cared for all of it's days. I would call the finish "good" condition. **IS NOT SUBJECT TO TRIGGER SAFETY RECALL**

    Interested in M&P (Compact or full size) 9mm, 1911's (9mm or .45), Glock 19, 17, XD9, FNP-9, CZ, maybe a Tok w/ ammo.

    Includes everything that came with the gun, 2 mags, 7 & 8 rounds ea.
    Also included: 20 Rounds of Barnes TAC-XPD JHP +P 115gr ammo.

    Cozy partner IWB holster is like butter. Put the gun on and forget its there. The Shield is great for that. $450.00 gun, all it came with, holster, and Barnes ammo.
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    Portland, Oregon
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    You said in your add that you were interested in a trade for a full size 9mm.
    I have a Springfield XD9 , original box, two mags, lock and paperwork that came with it. Have owned for about a year. Put around 50 rounds downrange. The finish is not marred, the trigger pull is smooth and crisp, but the darn thing is just a bit too much for me to use as a concealed carry weapon.
    I can send you photos if you wish to see or you can see stock online photos on Springfield website.
    I'm located in the Portland area on weekends, work in Lagrande Mon - Thurs.
    you can contact me at richardsmouse53@gmail.com

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