WTS: 30 cal Israeli pulldown 150 gr AP projectiles**All SPF**

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    Have for sale 5 lots of 100 each, Israeli 30 cal 150 gr AP pulldowns. These have been cleaned so no or very faint black tip marking. Came from HiTech Ammo many moons ago. Correct bullet weight and length for 7.62 NATO. 100 projectiles for $107 shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation.

    **All SPF** Ok guys I need to get back to all who wanted some of these. More replied than I have for sale, so I will be in contact to confirm quantity based upon time stamp of email received

    Not my sectioned bullet pic, but shows same bullet with double cannelure and steel penetrator. Very strong magnet reaction to these.


    A link to a good read regarding performance and availability of true M61 projectiles like these.

    The Plate

    First "I'll take it" to my email, rezman762@hotmail.com so I can track
    timestamps. Not first post here. Cross posted on other web boards.
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