WTB Remington 870 Super Magnum/ Remington 11-87 Super Magnum or Magnum

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    Hello all! I am looking for a few shotguns, they can have any or no stock or barrel, as long as the reciever and working parts are good. If there are defects they have to be able to be refinished. Nothing like holes rusted in the reciever, bent internals etc.

    Other than that just about anything goes. I am making 2 tactical shotgun platforms, and will be doing extensive work on these to use them as display so that I may show what kind of work I can do.

    I pay in cash and will pay a fair value for the guns. I also have brand new in box leatherman tools and knives that if you like, can be given to you as a small part of the deal.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration

    (Not quite sure if this is against rules or not, if so I apologize) if easier for you, you may reach me at (206) 619-9219


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