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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by papalondog, May 26, 2014.

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  1. papalondog

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    Time for an inventory adjustment.

    1. Winchester model 61 pump .22 S, L, L Rifle. This is the later model with the grooved receiver. 95% condition. Not mint but a great example. $750

    2. Winchester model 68 single shot .22. This is the early version with the grooved forearm stock. Wheel peep sight and hooded front sight. $275

    3. Winchester model 57 bolt action target gun. This is the .22 L Rifle version. Peep sight and fold down rear sight. Clip fed 5 round magazine. $600

    4. Winchester model 60A Target rifle. Very rare single shot 22 rifle with peep sight. Good condition. $500

    5. Savage model 99F .308 lever action. Used but cared for, no rust. This one has the brass rotor magazine and cartridge counter on the side. Comes with a Leupold 2 X 7 variable scope and flip over mounts and some ammo. $650

    6. Colt AR-15. Preban Competition H-Bar NIB. $1600

    Pictures available to serious inquiries.
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  2. thorborg

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    But some won't know they're serious until you tease them with the pictures! """"""Pictures worth a thousand words""""""
    JUUUST sayin!;)
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  3. PDXSparky

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    Photos sell guns. Simple as that.
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