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Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by Duck21, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Everybody has one... this is mine. :thumbup: I'm mainly looking for one of these weapons at a good price, rather than spending a ton of money on the "perfect" one. Like most, money is relatively tight, but why not blow some tax money on a new firearm? I'm also open to trades, so if there is something you are looking for, just let me know.

    Looking for:

    - Sig P226 or P220 Elite
    - Mountain Gun... looking for a Smith, 4" barrel, stainless, in .357 or .44 mag (something like a 686 plus, 626, 629... :thumbup:)
    - Desert Eagle in 50AE (I know, I know)
    - Delta Elite 10mm
    - HK's
    - Springfield XDm
    - Concealed carry like kahr pm9
    - Compact 1911 in 9mm (kimber)
    - the occasional glock
    - S&W M&P

    Not a handgun, but always interested in:

    - AK47 platform
    - semi-auto tactical shotgun
    - nice big game hunting rifles (large deer/elk, not elephants/dinosaurs)
    - Sig 522 or other assault type 22's

    If you have something similar to one of these, just send me a PM or email me what you have and what you're looking for in return. You can email pictures to EugeneDuck21@gmail.com. Looking for a FTF transaction with valid Oregon ID. Thanks!

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