Winchester model 70 featherweight 300 WSM and Weatherby MK V .257 wthby mag

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    I am selling these for a good friend, Please do not PM me with offers, rather call the number listed at the bottom

    Winchester Model 70 Featherweight chambered in .300 Winchester short mag. Overall rifle is like new. It has not been out in the field and has around 40 rounds through it. Includes a Leupold VX III 3.5-10 scope. Ammo is also available. $800 OBO Call Jeff at 503-930-6722 for further details.



    Weatherby Mark V Synthetic chambered in .257 Weatherby Mag

    Overall rifle is in good condition with some slight wear marks from being out in the field. Rifle has seen about a box of ammo a year for last 5 years for deer season. Includes Leupold VX III 4.5-14 scope. Also have ammo, brass and dies. $750 OBO Call Jeff at 503-930-6722



    As a reminder, please do not PM me offers or questions these are posted for a friend who has limited internet.
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