C3841910-2502-43AC-A121-C3D2E67B005D.jpeg 4B0850E8-AB4E-40D5-AAC9-E9DAD4B7ABC5.jpeg 49BAEAE7-31AA-4918-BA93-C5BE7395D178.jpeg C3841910-2502-43AC-A121-C3D2E67B005D.jpeg 4FB8373C-161D-452E-8701-5256A20270CB.jpeg 7592CFB2-0AB9-4E92-920D-772CF5BD9814.jpeg 4B0850E8-AB4E-40D5-AAC9-E9DAD4B7ABC5.jpeg 49BAEAE7-31AA-4918-BA93-C5BE7395D178.jpeg i have a Winchester 94ae trapper 44 mag saddle ring carbine I would like to sell. It has th 16.5” barrel and is in good shape. I am unsure of the round count, but I would guess it is pretty low. My father bought it shortly before his death and didn’t get a chance to shoot it much. I have put around 100 rounds through it to see if I was gonna keep it. Just not my thing it turns out.

I would like to get $675 for it and around 200 rounds of factory ammo. Transfer will be at a cut above pawn in Aloha

Please pm any offers

Sorry for the upside down pics
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