Winchester 94, 30-30 Lever Action (Price Reduced!)

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    Price Drop! Now asking $350 OBO for my Winchester Ranger 94 rifle.
    This is a 30-30 lever action that was my first rifle. My preferences have changed, and it just sits in my safe these days, so I'm passing it on to someone who will get more use out of it.
    Bought brand new 6 years ago, and right out of the box, I never had to adjust the sights. Perfectly zeroed at 100 yards, and always has been. Shoots well, but have always had to man-handle the lever action just a bit. It's smooth, you just have to be sure it goes fully into battery when you chamber a round.
    Barrel is clean and the wood finish is flawless. I've taken good care of it, cleaned after every range day. Round count is ~800.

    Purchase is for the rifle only. I can throw in a soft case for $10 if you really want it.

    I am in Kitsap County, and willing to travel ~1 hour for a meet. Cash or certified check only, and Military/LE ID or Washington CPL please, just for warm fuzzies. PM me for questions or offers.


    Sorry for the nasty-looking interior. Like I said, it's been in the safe a while. Will clean it up this weekend!

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