Winchester (5.56) M855 and Q3131 (XM193) + (SPAM-CAN) 800rd HotShot M855 5.56

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    Parting ways with a few cases of Factory fresh,20rd boxed Winchester 5.56. First is 1000rds (50 boxes) of Winchester M855 (white-box) 62gr (Tungstan) 5.56. I prefer this to the Lake City for breaching barriers. Obviously the green tipped reloadable anealed brass cased,non-corrosive primer stuff. Asking $700 OBO[HR][/HR]50 boxes (1,000rds) Winchester Q3131 55gr FMJ 5.56. This is the Wichester equivalant to the XM193. This is FMJ anealed reloadable Brass case,non-corrosive primer. Asking $600.00 OBO[HR][/HR]Last but not least is an 800rd (sealed Spam-Can) 0f HotShot SS109 (Tungstan) 62gr 5.56. This I believe was imported by CAI,produced by PMC or its equipment, for the Romanian Military. Comes in green sealed spammer packed in 30rd boxes. This is the green tipped,anealed reloadable brass case,non-corrosive primer ammo. $575.00 OBO[HR][/HR] This is all factory boxed (new) ammo. Stored in (Fat-50) cans inside 40MM cans climax controlled enviorment. Great stuff at the (Not so GREAT) new prices. If I could I would folks, just going after replacement costs on these. ONLY CASH WILL DO THE DEAL ON THESE (SORRY NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES)ftf AVAILABLE WITH (1) BEER COZY CONFINES OF MOLALLA. WITH CONSIDERATION DUE TO COSTS INVOLVED (PDX METRO) NO BEER INCLUDED-FTF PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT # IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME CONTACT YOU THANKS AGAIN,COOPER[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]

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