Winchester 300 Win Mag with Nikon Scope

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    I have a Winchester 300 Win Mag for sale. I can't tell you how many rounds it has through it because I bought it on consignment, but the bore looks very good and I don't think it was shot very much at all. When I bought it, I purchased a Nikon Prostaff Scope and had an armorer put in on there. If your wondering why I am selling it, it's because I'm a lefty and I thought I could make a right handed bolt action work and I was wrong. If there were a way to get it to work for me comfortably, I would keep it. However, I really just want to stick to guns that are actually left handed or ambidextrous. I'm looking for something around $500 for it, which is less than I have into it. I have pictures of the rifle on an album on my profile.

    If you are looking to trade, I am open to any Left Handed Rifle, XDM Competition in 40 S&W or 9 MM, Glock 34, or a 1911 in 9 MM or 38 Super (it must have an ambidextrous safety). I'm sure there are others that I would be interested in as well.

    I also have a XDM .40 S&W and an ATI (GSG) 1911 22 Pistol that I may be willing to include in a deal if the right pistol is involved. The XDM is the original and is in very good to great condition and has probably less than 700 rounds in it. The GSG is in very good condition but I don't know the round count as I bought it used, though I probably have about 800 rounds through it myself. Both pistols have two magazines and I can take pictures is you are interested.

    Thanks for looking.

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