Wheels are turning on a semi custom build *INPUT WELCOME*

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by BullsBucksandBoars, Apr 7, 2016.

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    I got handed down an old Eddystone Enfield from my wife's grandpa. He said he bought it 50-60 years ago from some guy he worked with at the time for a cool hard $10. A quick Google search says it was manufactured around May 1918 given the 6 digit serial number. It's been sportized and has seen better days. The barrel and action a have a little pitting-nothing serious- but the bore is shiny. I haven't had a chance to fire it yet. He said he's run hundreds of rounds through it but hasn't shot it in a couple decades and has no intention to ever fire it again. He never had any real sentimental attachment to it or even killed anything with it. I have a fantastic .30-06 that's my go-to rifle already so that's where my mind has started turning....

    I have read that some of the Eddystones had a tendency to blow up due to over tempering the steel at the factory. I'm not a smith but I don't see anything that's alarming and since grandpa has shot it a bunch in the past and it's still all together almost 100 years later I would think it's good to go. Is there anything I should specifically look for that could shed some more light on it? Some of the other things I've read is some people argue they're one of the stronger M98 style actions and build some very large bore rifles on the action such as .505 Gibbs thanks to the Enfields being exceptionally long. I have no use for a rifle of that caliber but I've had a hankering for a 35 Whelen for a while.

    Is this day dream worth pursuing using this rifle? I don't want a super custom show piece, nor do I have a lot of cash laying around but what's the ballpark I'd be in to turn this rifle into a 35 Whelen? Any other suggestions?
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    $250.00 is the "ballpark" price JES will charge you to rebore your rifle to the good ol whelen. You should check them out. I know a lot of guys that have had good success with them.

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