what do i need for a fixed stock on my AR-15

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by blitz, May 19, 2012.

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    well it was a toss-up on if i should post this here or under gunsmithing but anyhow here it goes.
    i am building a rifle length AR (first build) and i am gonna go with a fixed stock on it (ace skeleton stock 9.9")
    i am a little new to this and confused on what i need for it..

    i think all i need is:
    rifle length receiver extension buffer (gonna go with olympic)
    rifle buffer (again with olympic)
    rifle length buffer spring (gonna go with dpms)

    my question is, is that all i am gonna need for installing this stock or is there anything else i should order such as end plate or buttstock spacer.
    i ordered the palmetto armory lpk -trigger group (putting my geissele 2 stage in it)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    No A2 RE spacer is needed and you well use a A1 length RE screw.

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