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Webley Mk IV for pocket pistol or something bigger.

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by JohnWayne82, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. JohnWayne82

    JohnWayne82 Newberg, OR Member

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    If you are the gentleman who offered me a S&W model 28, please contact me if still interested.

    I've got a Webley Mk IV. Yes, the cylinder has been shaved. This will still fire the original .455 Webley rounds with a small wire spacer, but will also fire .45 ACP or .45 AutoRim. That being said...don't use +P rounds, the gun can't take it. I have fired lead round nosed factory rounds out of it without a problem, but prefer to use milder hand-loads. I use 4.7gr Unique with LaserCast LRN 230gr. This gun is the cleanest example of a Webley I've seen, and there are no import marks. Each chamber has been individually proofed.
    I've been looking around for a reason to keep this in the collection and really can't find one, other than that it is in good shape and is fun to shoot (what more reason do I need, right?), so I'm willing to look at trades.
    My interests are a bit broader on this one, so if you have something along the same lines as what is listed below, let me know!

    Would like to find a Sig P239, 232, 230, 238
    S&W Hammerless J-frame 357 or .38
    Sig Sauer (anything not plastic or mosquito)
    S&W Revolvers in 10mm, .38+P, .357, .44mag, 45acp or colt, 22lr
    Ruger double action .44magnums or GP100s
    .357, 44mag lever action rifles
    Beretta 92fs
    Glocks in 9mm 3rd Gen
    Offer any handgun that doesn't say Taurus, Lorcin, Hi-point, Jennings, RG, etc etc, worst I can say is no thanks!

    FTF in Tacoma


  2. JohnWayne82

    JohnWayne82 Newberg, OR Member

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