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Watched new movie "The Colony" last night!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dipstick, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Dipstick

    Dipstick Turner, Oregon Active Member

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    It was entertaining and the bad guys were exactly what I think we will be dealing with when the SHTF! They are not Zombies but I bet that is what we will call them!
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    The movie had a good premise, but I thought the "Bad guys" were a little too cheesy.

    The idea that somehow starvation had turned them into super-fit, never tired, masters of hand to hand combat who communicated almost entirely with grunts, groans, and screams was a little more than a stretch.

    I've been told that if you like The Colony, you need to watch These:

    The Divide:
    The Divide (2011) - IMDb

    The Day:
    The Day (2011) - IMDb

    I haven't seen them yet but I have them at home and plan to watch them soon. From what I understand they are quite similar.
  3. Father of four

    Father of four Portland, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I watched the movie. It was OK, but a bit dumb in so many ways.

    Not punishing(killing or kicking out of the colony) the one guy who executed people instead of giving them their choice.
    Not having a set plan of defensive and offensive strategies when going to the other colony, while there, and while returning from the other colony.
    Waving their flashlight beams everywhere giving up their positions in the other colony bunker/homestead after hearing strange noises and seeing fresh blood all over the floor and walls.
    Not listening to the man who was locked up in the storage room and trying to find out more about what had gone on there.
    No defensive planing in the colony. The bad guys just broke right in from like everywhere. The colonist tried to defend it from a lower position of the intruders and in a corridor with many entry points.
    Not having preplanned and designed retreats and exists in case of the colony being overrun.
    Leaving and walking away from the supplies that were still there in the colony.

  4. coastal steelheader

    coastal steelheader Aberdeen Well-Known Member

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    I watched it, and it was good popcorn fare but it won't win any awards.
    What I didn't understand is why the survivors didn't just put the fire out? The cannibals were dead, and the mostly steel and concrete. Instead they marched off into the snow with a couple of jars of seeds and little if any food.
  5. coastal steelheader

    coastal steelheader Aberdeen Well-Known Member

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    The Divide isn't bad. At another prepper forum I belonged to this movie was trashed by members who thought things would not degenerate in the way the movie portrayed (the movie is about a group of survivors in a bomb shelter after a nuclear attack on NYC). The survivors quickly started fighting amongst themselves over who got the food, and it didn't take long for the murdering and raping to ensue.

    The Day - kind of a low budget version of The Road. I liked parts of it, but there were plenty of WTF moments in the movie. It's still worth watching if you have a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to kill.