WTS/WTT OR wasr and m85 in 556 for trade

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    ***please read entire ad before you reply***

    Want to trade as of now and not for sale unless you want both for values listed.

    Wasr 10 romainian 7.62x39
    Early wasr used but in good shape. Shooter not show piece.
    2 steel mags
    2 tapco mags
    Scope mount 1" ring
    500 rounds wolf mil classic
    Rear stock has a chip but may have it replaced before this sells at no additional cost.
    $700 trade value

    M85 pap in 556
    Excellent shape barely fired.
    Muzzle booster
    6 steel mags
    Pistol brace
    $800 trade value

    What I will consider trade wise:
    1. Heavy barreled rem sa in 308, 6.5cm or the likes. Will consider any sa rem 700 action with 308 boltface.
    2. Quality glass (no ncstar utg or other crap glass)
    3. 3rd gen g34
    4. Ar10 18"+ no carbines unless a good package.
    5. Aug or msar platforms
    6. Kestrel meter
    7. Quality 1911
    +/- $$ as needed.

    Those are the things i am looking for as of now. May consider other quality firearms but will have to be in my favor.
    Do not offer me your hi points or low end ars. Just not interested. If you show up looking like a thug or without id, just walk away.
    If this is a problem pound sand. I wont play games and neither should you.
    Lastly my schedule is crazy. On call and travel so when i am home its for hours not days. I will work with you but please be patient.

    Firm on trade value at this point.
    Located in beaverton progress ridge area.


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