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    FTF in the Seattle area, preferably North Seattle
    Mainly interested in trading for an AK-74 style rifle, or a .223 AK
    MAY be interested in other military-style rifles and AR-15 lowers and complete uppers (only interested in flattop 14.5" carbines, 16" midlengths, or full 20" rifles) 1911s, Glock 17 or 19, CZ-75, or other handguns in the price range.
    Saiga rifles +/- cash work too, depending on if it has been converted or not, or if it's been partially converted.
    I'm not really looking to add any money to this unless I'm trading for an AK-74 style rifle.

    It's a very good example of how good a WASR can be. No canted sights or gas block. All major parts have matching serials. Front trunnion shows that the parts were manufactured in 1982. Has the triangle and arrow stamping (from a de-milled military rifle). Barrel is a Romanian new-manufacture and chrome-lined. Bore is in very very great condition. Total round count is exactly 600. I've had absolutely 0 malfunctions. Cleaned and lubed after each shooting session. It's been well taken care of. I've had this up for while before, but nothing has come up that interested me, so I held onto it for a while longer. Now I think it's time to fish around for some offers again.

    Some "custom" things that I've done to the rifle:
    -Degreased and coated it with black engine enamel. Its held up fine to solvents and oil, but shows wear in the usual places like the safety switch and dust cover.
    -Epoxied a small shim on the inside of the magwell to eliminate mag wobble. There wasn't a lot of mag wobble before, and it ran perfectly fine before too. It just annoyed me.

    Comes with:
    -5 steel mags, 1 Tapco 20-rounder
    -Romanian mag pouch that holds 4 mags, cleaning kit, and oiler
    -Butt-stock cleaning kit, cleaning rod, and oiler
    -Possibly a couple boxes of 7.62x39 if I have any laying around


    It could be a couple hours before when I read your message and reply to it, since I check messages on my cell phone sometimes.

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