you might be alarmed to find out how many service members don't think MSR's belong in civilian hands and would follows the orders of their officers and NCO's if it came to confiscation.
While I don't dispute your post it is my belief that presently the law enforcement / military community do not have the manpower necessary to carryout a "forced" full confiscation.
Creating a new federal anti-trafficking law. Congress should make clear that trafficking firearms or engaging in “straw purchases” — when an individual buys a gun on behalf of a prohibited purchaser — are federal crimes. This would give law enforcement new tools to crack down on gun trafficking and help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

So..... you gonna arrest Erik Holder for operation Fast & Furious which resulted in hundreds (if not thousands) of Mexican deaths in Mexico, as well as the death of a US Border agent? o_O

Go fluck yourself Phocahontus..... o_O


Many so called warriors across military & LEO ranks don't believe Joe 6pack has any need for modern sporting rifle because they never gave it much thought. They question the "need" and not the "right". A few minutes with a true patriot and you could have a convert. 100 years with a zealot and you've wasted 100 years.

I hope Warren is Hilary part 2. Popular in 4-5 states and seen as a fraud in the rest of the country. Even if she loses and Republicans take the whole shebang back again, what will be their excuse this time? They had 2 easy years to wrap gun issues up and put it to bed.
It's laborious reading through Warren's laundry list of ideas on Medium. They keep citing this '90% of voters...' stuff. I think they must ask some gun owners in NYC or other urban areas. They find some people who inherited their Grandpa's hunting rifle or some WW2 salvage, so don't really care about much of anything beyond an heirloom, but it qualifies them as an authoritative 'gun owner' voice. It's like the people I've witnessed walking into a gun store, pleading with the owner to help them figure out how to deal with their dead father's estate of 'random guns and ammo - I just want to get rid of it all, but am scared to touch anything'. This provides that much-needed "plurality of votes" and the "bi-partisan support... even among gun owners".

She talks a lot about 'structural changes' in Congress, and leveraging the ATF's regulating power to the fullest extent, and I think we know what that means. She calls out specifically things like 80% lowers, pistol braces, etc., all of which have ATF 'sign-off' at present, but ... so did bump-stocks.
It is mostly not the young guy following orders that has political or other ideas in their heads about who should own rifles or not. These young people in the military are stupid just like civilian young people.

It is the appointed General Officers and other non-elected people that run the military and have bent the knee in order to keep their jobs that will give un-lawful orders to confiscate guns.

Most people in the Army Brigade Combat Teams and other service equivalents are extremely stupid and not capable of executing simple squad or platoon livefires, let alone fighting an emerging Insurgency. Not to mention the equipment these dudes have is very bad off, I mean broken dude to the fullest extent. It would take some kind of SOF involvement to do anything and they don’t have the bandwidth for any kind of mass scale thing.

More than likely gun owners will continue to be strangled by red flag laws and such.
I do not generally, or as a regular practice, advocate for civil disobedience.

However, when those elected officials - who were voted into office by the general populace - pontificate and attempt to create and/or pass legislation that infringes on my rights under the Constitution, I cannot help but seek those protections available to me in any shape or form that will preserve my rights.

When our elected officials fail to serve their constituents and uphold the Constitution as they swore to do when placed in office, they are no longer qualified to be an official representing the people of our Great Republic.

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