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Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by Mark W., Sep 18, 2012.

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    I want to build a .35 Whelen.

    I need a Savage Model 111C action So I am looking to buy someones out grown BIMart package deal. Must be the same Bolt head as .270 or 30-06 (#3 RCBS shell holder) must be a 111C not a short action and it must have the detachable box mag.

    New they are regular price $380.00 so keep that in mind.

    I'd pay cash. Oregon MUCH prefered to avoid shipping and FFL fee's this is going to cost plenty as it is.
  2. chickenfarmer

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    I was wondering how your 35 whelen build was going? I am wanting to do the same but with a Springfield 03-A3 and rebore the barrel. I found a guy in Creswell I believe that rebores. If you dont mind me asking how are you doing yours?

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