Walther Olympia: Germany's Interwar Target Pistol

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    This is a interesting overview of the various Walther target pistols produced in the Interwar period. I was familiar with Walther's various police and military handguns, but not so much these. Anyway, I found the video neat, so thought I'd pass it along. Cheers.

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    My Olympia, documented as one used in the 1936 Olympic Games, and totally complete with two matching magazines, all the weights and a spare set of grips, now resides in the National Collection co-located with the Royal Armouries in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, after I handed it in back in late 1997.

    They paid me a LOT of money for it, which made me feel a little bit better, but not much.

    Also handed in at the same time was my Jurek Free Pistol, serial #2. Also for a LOT of money.

    If I can find the 35mm pics over the next few days, I'll copy and post them for you.

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