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Interested in getting a Walker 2d or 3d Generation revolver. As I understand it, the 2d Generation revolvers are really 3d Generation and come only in the Signature Series. AND all of those have Sam Colt inscribed on the back-strap. Is this true? I ask because I'd prefer to have a 2d Gen without the signature' my next choice would be a 3d Gen without the signature?. Any hope for me?
The 2nd Generation Colt Walker Revolvers are really nice.
Most were made in Italy and were finished here in the USA by Colt.
The fit and finish is outstanding...and the rifling is deep and progressive.

While I do not have a 2nd Gen Walker ...I do have a 2nd Gen 1st Model Dragoon...and its a wonderful shooter.

The 3rd Generation Colt Walkers are well made and finished in Italy and those will have the "Sam Colt" signature on the back strap.

These of any generation , are expensive...a Uberti copy will shoot just as well ...if not having the quite the same markings or feel as a Colt.....

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