WAC show at puyallup.

Who went, what did you think? (or get)
I got some mags for the mini 30. 3 pro mag 30 rd plastics (18.00 each) and a USA mags 20 rd stainless or nickel whatever (10 bucks!!). Now if I only owned a gun :winkkiss:
ALMOST bought a jennings "parts gun"... just because.
ALMOST bought an m1 carbine for 300 (universal)
Overall..... terribly un-impressed with the prices of stuff there.
I went. Lots of non-members and I think the prices reflected it. Ammo was rediculously high, nobody willing to make any deals, price gouging come to mind.........not empressed at all. I guess I will continue to support online venders instead of locals.
Last time I went it was mostly tables from gun stores, and so aside from browsing the gear it was pretty much pointless. The Wac magazine started to sound a bit radical to me too, so I let my membership lapse last year.

Too bad, what we have now is far from what it was a decade ago.
I still enjoy the magazine and I like going just to be around other "gun people". I've found a few good deals at the shows, but they are fewer and farther between these days. Even ammo, which used to be a good reason to go, is no longer a good deal.

I didn't go to this weekend's show, but I went to Monroe last weekend - the line to get in was simply incredible. I've never seen it that long before. I felt like telling them there's nothing for you here - go home. Prices for AK's were all $700+ and AR's all seemed to be $1200+. I saw one guy walking around with a Yuko SKS for $395.

The other thing that bothers me about the shows (since I'm on a rant) is that you can't even find a good deal on a used gun. All of the table dealers have guns that have three screws, special grips, limited production, etc. - none of which I care anything about. Where's a basic, used revolver in good shape? If I can get a new 30-30 at Big 5 for $300-$400, I should be able to find a used one (of some type) for less at the show.
I have been a WAC member for years and I have to agree the show this weekend only one phrase comes to mind " Holy Crap you want how much ?". The ammo guy had 1000rnds of .308 for $630 I could buy a press and all the componenants and load it for that much and these fools are goobling it up like its free candy. The cheapest Ak I saw was $580 cheapest AR $1000 the only deal I saw all day was a G17 for $350 first gen. I almost bought it so I could brag I was the only guy at the show that got a fair deal. If things continue in this direction I will only be going to sell items. Most of the guys selling wont budge $5 on there price and want more then new prices just try finding a ruger 10-22 carbine used for less then you can buy a new one I havent seen 1 in the past few months...


I got there Saturday at 0810 and the line from the Blue gate was half way to the Gold gate and this was the members line. When I got in about 0830 I went back to the Saturday tables and found a few good deals on ammo and several guns. Saw money being exchanged many times. I agree the deals are harder to find but they are there if you keep a sharp eye and LOOK LOOK LOOK. The prices for anything that was covered under the last AWB was crazy just like it was then. But I still found a few deals on hi-cap mags and AK stuff.
Got there Saturday about 0815. Quite the line to get in. Once inside though, it wasn't quite as crowded as I'd feared.

WAC renewal by mail is the way to go, guys.

And, I found a a number of tables where the guys were willing to deal. If you attend the show fairly regularly, get to know as many of the regular table-holders as you can, they'll help you out, even to the point of telling you who you want to see for, say, a particular (old model, of course) S&W revolver you're looking for ...

Although, some of the asking prices on some old Smiths were pretty insulting to me.

Key is not to insult the guys with your offer, but all of 'em (the smart guys, anyway) factor in plenty of wiggle-room in their asking prices, particularly if you have what may be for them some tasty trade bait.

But I do agree, a lot of the prices were outrageous. A new Bushy AR that was 869 bucks a few months back now going for $1400? That's price-gouging in my book.

There did appear to be quite a few folks who were/are banking on some folks' fears that Obama is gonna ban everything. Just plain stupidity.

Still, the WAC shows are far better than what pass for gun shows in a lot of states these days. Trust me. Enjoy 'em while you can. And like Sun195 says, it's always fun to go an strike up conversations with lots of other true gunnies ... just ignore all the tourists, the knuckleheads, and the table-holders who are asking $550 for a beater Model 10.


Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Rimfire Challenge Dec 12th @ DRRC
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club (ARPC) Gun Show
Linn County Expo Center
3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany, OR 97322, USA


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