W. WA - S&W 66-1, .357 Magnum 2.5", P&R, 99%

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    Quick details: Original condition S&W 66-1 2.5" barreled revolver. 1981, last year made of pinned & recessed magnums. Gun is overall 99%. Has original grips serial numbered to the gun, also 99% or better. Red ramp, but no rear outline. $650, details below.

    History: This was a local detective's gun in the 80's. I bought it from his estate a few years ago. It shows typical LE usage - some holster wear and little/no mechanical wear. Since it's SS, the "holster wear" amounts to nicks on the front ramp insert and blue loss on the top of the rear sight blade. That's about it. There ARE some nicks in the SS hear and there, but tiny and nothing I can photograph. The ejector rod has some smushed checkering where someone apparently tried to tighten it not knowing a) it's reverse thread and b) not using a leather protector when twisting it. This is not noticeable at all until you swing out the cylinder and start going over it all in detail. Grips are like new.

    Mechanicals: I have opened the gun and it is un-mucked with. The mainspring, mainspring screw, and rebound slide are original and un-cut. The hammer and trigger hooks/sear have not been filed and ruined. I have stripped the interior and lubricated it; it does not need to be opened for another 15 or 20 years, or much more, if properly cared for.

    The b/c gap is .006/.007" right to left. It has .001" endshake, no step-off, and a smooth, light double action pull. By the standards of the day, it is like new.

    Price: I arrived at the price by sampling the last 2.5" 66 sales I could find the last three months on GB, as well as what I've seen on various forums. They ranged from $580 to $650, with the only exact comparable being the $650; the others were later models or in less condition. These guns also will include shipping and transfer, so the delivered price is more like $700. I am pricing this for local sale at $650, so I get a fair price and you save $50 off an internet purchase. I don't hassle with shipping, you don't pay for it, and the gun stays in the PNW as it has been since 1981.

    Terms of sale: Cash or equivalent. No trades of interest I can think of, unless you have a P&R 19 2.5" in nickel, or 29 4" in blue or nickel. Just be a WA resident over 21 eligible to buy, or if OR we can try to work through a familiar FFL.

    I am only selling because I really don't get excited about SS guns. I have a 2.5" 19 love, but the ss just doesn't do it for me. I want a nickel one. I can't afford right now to keep this as well as do that.

    Photos: one photo is with some cut-down factory combats I tried; I no longer have those and it only comes with the factory original grips.

    a) IMGP2547.jpg

    b) IMGP2334.jpg
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    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

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