Virtually New Vortex Strike Fire Red / Green Dot with Low Rise Rings

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    Hello, all! I have this StrikeFire red dot that I bought for AR that I sold. It is really nice, I was shocked by how good the quality was but I have nothing tactical anymore. I had it on my Marlin for a while but I just bought a scout scope for my lever gun so this one has to go(and my buddies teased me....). I sighted it in with about 20 rounds and never shot it again. Includes the box and all original paperwork. As for cash, I would take $125. I really want to trade for some sort of auto .22 rifle for the wife, and I can add cash. I really want a 10/22 break down but, as it is for the wife and kids, I really don't care. It has one small little scratch on the 2X magnifier, but very very small. And even though the .22 is my first and foremost want, I really like almost everything that makes bangs (not your momma!) so make me an offer.
    EDIT - I should mention that the scratch is on the outside of the housing, not the glass on the 2X magnifier. The glass is still perfect.

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