Vintage Military Rifle shoot

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    Vintage Military Rifle shoot
    July 4th

    BB gun, pellet gun and sling shot family shoot

    NEW for 2016 Military pistol shoot

    Four Corners Rod and Gun club: 7695 Babcock Street Southeast, Salem, OR

    Match fee $10.00 includes breakfast (This shoot is open to the public)

    This 4th of July Four Corners will be hosting the 3rd annual Vintage Military rifle and pistol shoot In conjunction with the military shoot Four Corners will hosting a family BB gun, pellet gun and sling shot shoot. Bring out the family and try your skills to win prizes. You can bring your own BB gun, pellet gun or sling shot or the club will be providing BB guns, pellet guns sling shots. The Adult Supervised BB gun shoot will be running the same time as the rifle and pistol shoot. No Charge for the BB gun, pellet gun and sling shot.

    All veterans are encouraged to wear their military uniforms

    Gates open at 7:30am; Breakfast will be served starting at 7:30

    Match begins at 9:00 am sharp! We will be done by 12:00pm

    The Rifle shoot will have five classifications

    Military rifle models will be pre-Vietnam era original equipment only.

    We are including reproduction guns in this class.

    1. Bolt action, 2. Semi auto, 3. Carbine
    Sporterized rifles will be pre-Vietnam era that have had modifications from the original design

    4. Scoped, 5. Iron sights

    This is a bulls eye shoot you will be scored. We will be shooting between 100 to 200 yards

    We will be shooting in the grass so bring something to lay down on.

    Ammo: 30 rounds

    We will be shooting off hand, kneeling and prone. For those that cannot shoot kneeling and prone a chair can be used.

    Questions Email:

    4th of July Service Pistol shoot.

    To be held as a side event at the Military Rifle Shoot.

    This will be a 30 round match. Based on CMP Excellence in Competition rules.

    Except that 2-handed hold is allowed.

    10 shots slow fire at 50 yards,


    10 shots timed fire at 25 yards,

    and finally…

    10 shots rapid fire at 25 yards

    All “service pistols” in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 Auto are eligible.

    What’s a service pistol?

    Any full size 1911, Beretta, Glock, S&W, CZ, Sig, XD, and anything else you may have.

    Open sights only, no optics or red dot sights for this one.

    Shooters wishing to shoot both rifle and pistol will be squadded at signup so as to be able to do both.
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    Public welcome

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