WTS OR Very nice Bicentennial Ruger Single Six convertible; 5.5 in. blue

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by theoldgreybeard, May 23, 2015.

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  1. theoldgreybeard

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    Single 1.jpg I have this very nice looking and shooting Single Six Convertible that I don't shoot...therefore, don't need! I purchased this gun from a late friend, and I think I've shot it once since then. 5.5 inch barrel, everything here is original, including the correct box. No paperwork though. This comes with a Hunter brand field holster with the snap retention strap, and, if you want it, a decently wide leather belt. Spare cylinder is in the little red felt baggie. The baggie has been restitched along one side. As you can see, there is holster wear on the muzzle, and this is the worst of it. The right side of muzzle and ejector housing show very little wear.

    I am asking $375 since it is in such nice condition and the Bicentennial thing should be worth a little something. Located in Eugene, I can meet with you around here or the Corvallis/Albany area with little difficulty. Please send reply if you would like a phone number to discuss it, thanks.

    I also have around 250 rounds of 22 Mag ammo which we can deal on if you are interested...


    Single 4.jpg
    Single 3.jpg
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    I have the same thing in stainless steel. Nice little gun.
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