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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Near Mint (Unlocked and can be used with ATT or T-Mobile)

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by Ahendri3, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Ahendri3

    Ahendri3 Salem New Member

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    I have a Verizon wireless Blackberry Storm. It is in mint condition except for a 2 inch hair sized scratch on the back of the phone. The screen has had a protector on it since it was purchased. I have the box, cd's, intruction manual, charging cords, headset, the docking station, international sim card, 8 gigabyte sd card (memory card:eek:ne of the biggest availible), and an additional leather phone holster with belt clip I purchased after buying the phone. This phone retails for $499.99 with out contract. Here are some specs.


    Network Support: Dual–band 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EV–DO Rev. A networks; Quad–Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks Single–Band: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks
    SIM Card: pre–installed in BlackBerry® Storm
    Memory: 128MB Flash Memory, 192MB RAM, 1GB On–board memory
    BlackBerry 4.7 Desktop Software Integrated Email, Phone, SMS, Browser, Calendar, Address Book, and additional organizer applications
    BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS) – integrate up to 10 personal email accounts
    BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) – works to provide functionality such as single mailbox integration, remote address book look–up and more
    SurePress™ touch screen with portrait and landscape views
    Display: High resolution (480x360 pixel), 3.25" color, TFT LCD. Supports over 65k colors
    microSD™ memory card support: 8GB SanDisk® card installed (device supports up to 16GB)
    On–Screen/virtual keyboard – portrait SureType and multi–tap; QWERTY landscape.
    3.2 Megapixel Camera w/Flash, auto–focus and Video Capture
    Integrated speaker and microphone, Hands–free headset capable (3.5mm 4 Pole)
    Media Player – videos, music, games and more...
    Bluetooth® (v2.0) including A2DP for Stereo sound
    Ring Tones: Polyphonic + vibrate
    Text, Picture, Video and Instant Messaging
    VZ Navigatorsm for spoken turn–by–turn directions
    Visual Voice Mail compatible
    Mobile Broadband Connect capable (Windows only)
    Instant Messaging applications for BlackBerry
    V CAST Music with Rhapsody® (Subscription, Wireless & PC downloads)
    Password protection and Keyboard lock
    Total Equipment Coverage is Available


    Dimensions: 4.43" (H) x 2.45" (W) x 0.55" (D)
    Weight: Approximately 5.47 oz. including battery
    Standard Lithium Cell (1400 mAh)
    Usage: Up to 270 minutes of talk time OR
    Standby: Up to 372 hours
    SAR Information: 0.50 W/kg at ear; 0.57 W/kg on body
    Hearing Aid Compatibility = M3

    I am open for trades, cash, or a trade/cash transaction. So feel free to make any offers you might have. I might even do phone+cash for an item if needed.

    My messages on this site go staight to my phone so let me know what you're thinking and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading my name is Andrew.

  2. krawl

    krawl Oregon Member

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    what are you looking for in trade??
  3. pdxjohann

    pdxjohann Portland near Tigard Member

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    Can this tether to a laptop for internet AND also allow phone calls at the same time? Need to upgrade wife's phone.
  4. MacBookProAR

    MacBookProAR Stayton Member

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    If used on T-mobile or ATT I don't think so. I'm told that the VZW version of the storm which does support GSM doesn't support the 3G freq here in the states, but will support edge which is very so-so when it comes to connecting both a voice call and a data call at the same time.

    Long story short it would take some great feats of nerddom to pull it off, but it might be able to be done.

    There are at least two versions of this phone and the international version that isn't sold here in the US of A does support the 3G feq of ATT and T-mobile.

    No I'm not a total geek
  5. pdxjohann

    pdxjohann Portland near Tigard Member

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    What are your trade requests
  6. Grubstake

    Grubstake Eugene Oregon Member

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    PM Sent....

  7. IrishFitz

    IrishFitz Happy Valley, OR Member

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    Yes! I have this phone and it tethers great... all you need is a little program called Tetherberry. www.tetherberry.com

    I have high speed internet anywhere I have a good cell signal. I love my phone. Hope this helps!
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