WTS WA Various Pistol Bullets (9mm, .38, .45) starting @ $70/1000

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    Have a few thousand bullets up for grabs that are left over from a large group buy. I can't load them all so the rest goes up for sale! They are HI-TEK coated in either brick red or black.

    In case you haven't heard of HI-TEK coating:
    It is an ultra strong polymer coating that molecularly bonds to the lead and acts as a jacket. Unlike moly or traditional wax coatings which are messy and smoky, the HI-TEK coating is clean, not sticky, doesn't smoke, it's A LOT tougher, and the bullets are completely coated so there is no exposed lead while reloading.

    Just to get the idea of how tough they are consider this:
    I've loaded the 105gr. bullets in .357mag over 9.7gr of Unique and fired them in my SS 6" GP-100. I was getting muzzle velocities between 1550-1650fps with ZERO leading and excellent accuracy.

    Here's what's left:

    2,000 - .38/.357 105gr @ .358" $70/1000
    3,000 - .38/.357 158gr @ .358" $90/1000
    3,000 - 9mm 147gr @ .356" $80/1000
    2,000 - .45ACP 200gr @ .452" $90/1000

    Pickup is at the Issaquah Sportsmen's Club, first come first serve.

    Please shoot me a PM if you want me to set any aside for you, till then shoot safe!

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