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    I've been running into some financial issues, so I am having to sell some of my ammo.

    Here is what I have available right now:
    156rds .223 Rem Hornady TAP 60gr FPD, Red-Tip Ballistic round
    (I will add 4 rds of Black Hills Blue Box .223 55gr to make it 160rds)

    18rds of .460 S&W Buffalo Bore 360gr LFN, Rating: 1900fps/2860ft lbs

    The Hornady TAP rounds were loaded in my P-Mags and sat in my safe. I am no longer going to use these rounds so I had to find empty cases to put them. About 60rds have the original boxes, but I cannot find the boxes to the rest. However, you can compare the rounds to those in the boxes and see they are identical, authentic Hornady TAP rounds with the nickel plating and red ballistic bullets.

    The Buffalo Bore 460 ammo seemed a bit too sticky for my brand new S&W 460v. I am told that the older S&W 460 revolvers will function better with Buffalo Bore 460. Also, perhaps the XVR models won't have some of the issues I had with mine. This is very expensive ammo and I am selling it cheap, because I cannot use it anymore. I would like someone else to make use of it.

    I am asking the following amount:
    $145.00 for 156 rds of .223 Hornady TAP 60gr FPD + 4 rds .223 Black Hills FMJ (160rds)

    $40.00 for 18rds of 460 S&W Buffalo Bore 360gr LFN

    I am open to reasonable offers on the ammo, but these are lower prices than you will find at most places. The Buffalo Bore is a great deal and I cannot go any lower on that.

    I am willing to sell the ammo FTF to people in the Portland area or The Dalles/Hood River area. I am in Hood River, so I only travel into Portland once or twice a week. If you can travel to, or, are located in Hood River, I'd be happy to meet you here if you want to take a look. Anyone interested in FTF must bring drivers license, if they look under 30. I can only sell the handgun ammo to people over 21. If that bothers you, please buy the ammo elsewhere. Cash will be only payment accepted in FTF transaction.

    I also can ship the ammo to people out of the area or out of state. All shipping and insurance will have to be paid by the buyer. I will only accept POSTAL MONEY ORDERS for non-local transactions. Once, I receive the payment I will immediately ship the ammo via UPS Ground. I will need a copy of driver license or some other identification (like CHL) with birthdate before I ship ammo. If you sound old, then a phone call should probably suffice.

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