Like the title says, I've got a Rock River Arms LAR-15 for sale or trade. It has a 16" chrome-lined barrel, flat top with removeable A2 handle, 6-position stock, etc. This is a virgin gun, never had a single round through her. Comes with blue RRA plastic foam-lined case, 1 magpul 30-round mag with cover, sling, paperwork, & disassembly tool.

*Note - the mag in the pic is not the mag that will be included.*

Cash price is $900 OBO.

Trade options:
- KelTec PLR-16 + cash
- Draco-style pistol + cash
- AK variant + cash
- Ammo (5.56mm, 9mm, .357 Mag, .380 ACP, .38 Special - JHP preferred) + cash
- A combination of the above
- Or... ? What do you have? I'm always open to interesting offers, but I will be unable to add cash on my end, so keep that in mind... unless you have an MSAR STG-556 and want to trade straight across :D

*** UPDATE: I originally posted that it was a "CAR-15". I was mistaken, it is an "LAR-15". Just wanted to make sure that was clarified. Also, see the new pics!***

********UPDATE: TRADE PENDING***********

*********TRANSACTION COMPLETED. PLEASE DELETE.******************
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