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    Well you got another newbie here.... and in some ways more than others! I have only owned a few guns in my life. They all have had a purpose and now I am in the market for another.

    I currently have a Taurus PT945, Benelli Nova 12ga, and a Savage 22/410.
    I really want a revolver this time but I can't say exactly why.

    So about me: Its God, Family, and Country... Need I say more!! I love to keep myself active whether its hobbies, work (started a new career last fall) and family (wife, 2yr old and a new born). And like some of you I have more hobbies than any one man should, ask my wife!! The latest hobby is Beekeeping! And of course I hunt, fish, wheel, and wrench on just about everything!

    I'll probably be nosing through alot of posts and I'll try not to post a noob question..

    So peace and blessings.
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    :thumbup: :thumbup: Welcome to NWF!!

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