UMC 223 200rds

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    :paranoid:I have 200 rounds of umc witch is made by remington. 55gr bullets new and in the box.

    I will take 110.00

    Iam intrested in other trades so you can ask???????

    I have 1 box left of 7.62x54r brown bear ammo 10.00.thats 20 rounds

    some one make me a offer i have no use for this ammo?????????

    things that i could use
    7mag brass
    7mag bullets hornady 154gr
    338 brass
    338 bullets hornady 225gr
    45/70 brass
    17 hmr ammo
    22 rim fire ammo
    243 bullets 100gr
    powder scale
    t/c encore barrels almost any cal.
    Iam intrested in all kinds of trades make me an offer
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