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Two Yugo M70 under folders for sale

(Each rifle will come with 3 30rnd magazines)

These were a project that I started some time ago.
Both rifles need work but are both complete, anything not in pictures will be on rifle when sold. (trigger, etc.. etc..)
I purchased both new, I never shot them, once again I am primarily a collector.

One needs to be refinished but is good to go otherwise.
One needs the front sight post to be straightened and front pin, spring and detent installed for the flash director.
One comes with new style rear sight but I have the original M70 sight that came with it so if you are a purest you can reinstall the original one. Each rifle will come with 3 30rnd magazines.

The price is per rifle

Yes it has dust on it...

Washington state buyers are responsible for adhering to the new training requirements/law when purchasing a rifle such as this within WA state.

OK here’s the deal, when you buy a firearm off of a company like Brownell‘s or on another webpage that sells guns you usually have to have it shipped to an FFL, but before that you pay and then the FFL exchanges information with the seller and it is shipped and then after it arrives you fill out all the necessary paperwork and get your background checked, after that point if you fail the background check those companies usually do not refund your money so I’m following suit. If you purchase an item from me and you fail the background check I will not refund your money so therefore you will either have a choice of appealing the decision if you get a denial or you can have the FFL dealer sell it for you so you can recoup your loss, to my knowledge this is the standard way it happens if someone is denied a purchase after they have paid for the gun.

We can meet at my FFL in Lynnwood (Adventure sports)
Seller (me) will retain possession of firearm pending background check, and if given a proceed will meet up again at FFL and relinquish weapon to the buyer. (This is how my FFL told me it should be done)


We can do an FFL to FFL transfer pending validation of receiving FFL's current valid documentation and approval from my FFL.
Shipping will be extra based off what my dealer charges to pack it up and ship it.

I take PayPal friends and family
No separate parts purchase requests please
No trade requests please

IMG_0563.jpg IMG_0564.jpg IMG_0565.jpg IMG_0566.jpg IMG_0567.jpg IMG_0568.jpg IMG_0569.jpg IMG_0570.jpg IMG_0571.jpg IMG_0572.jpg IMG_0573.jpg IMG_0574.jpg IMG_0576.jpg IMG_0577.jpg
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Feedback: 48 / 0 / 0
DCI receiver or...? What's the story with the damaged finish?
I do not know who makes the receiver, I bought it from a dealer (let me know what to look for and I will check for you)
No damage, I stripped it so I could refinish it.
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