Two vending machines: snack and soda

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    For sale/trade: 2 working vending machines with product

    Trades welcomed in the form of Glock 17, GI 1911 or 1991, AR-15

    First is a Selectivend SV-120-5AC unit, serial number 50-0820-2909. Used unit circa mid-70s (notice the pop top disposal). Runs exceptionally well! 5 selections available. Pop comes out refreshingly cold. Condenser, evaporator, and coolant are in great shape. Lovingly restored to approximately 80% and currently half full of product. Product inside worth $120 wholesale, and you can up the vending price to make some of the money back. I HATE to part with this unit after all that work, and how well it runs.

    $625 Firm

    Second is a Snackshop 5000 serial FFM 7004. Completely full of product and ready to go. Product inside wholesales for about $320. Jack up the price on the vending and you will make a fair amount back. Condition is very good, 90-95%. Works well, even if loading chip bags is tricky. 32 slots for all sorts of stuff. No bill changer, but you could get a changer put on it pretty easily.

    $920 Firm

    I hate to let these go at ridiculously low prices, but I need these hauled out of here by Friday afternoon. U-haul. I can help load the units up.

    More pictures available, you are also welcome to come by the south end of Paine Field in Everett if you want to look them over in person.

    Snackshop 5000.JPG


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