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I have an as new Troy Ind. QD sling attachment in black finish P/N M16-RSM LOT# JG-3114 printed on the actual part. The order # is SMOU-61A-OOBT-OO. the O's in that # could be 0's don't remember. You can figure it out.
I had it mounted on an A-2 mil spec tube but, never used it. I paid over $40+ shipping for it (not your problem, just info)
I don't need to sell this,just offering it up for someone that might like one but, not giving it away.
I'd would take $30 cash if you want to pick it up. The only trades I'd be interrested in would be for CCI #41 primers or H335 powder.
I'm not at all interrested in any responses from people that think they have the only powder and primers out there. I'm just offering a good deal on a quality made part. PM me if you would like this. Please keep to yourself if you don't.
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