Tried 2 Home defnse loads in my Benelli M4

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    Tried both the Hornaday Critical Defense and the Winchester PDX buck and ball, was very impressed with both. The Hornaday gave a nice tight pattern at 50 feet and had reduced recoil. The Winchester PDX had a pretty serious kick but the awesome effect of both buckshot and a 1 ounce lead slug was pretty spectacular.

    The Hornaday used a lower pressure and my petite wife was able to control the shotgun very well, the PDX was just way to much for her so if you need a round for a smaller person I'd try the critical defense. I had no problem with either and truth be told the Hornaday was a lot of fun and left a very satisfying large hole in the target. The Hornaday loads were also more affordable at my local shop.

    The PDX would be my choice for serious get the hell out power, I might mix both the PDX and Hornaday for a good multi purpose defense loadout.
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    Try Federal Flitecontrol buck shots. Suppose to give you pretty tight pattern.

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