Training Opportunity: Marc MacYoung Weekend

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    This is a unique training opportunity to learn from a nationally-recognized expert on violence and the use of force in self-defense.

    Three break-out sessions are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively.

    Day 1. Crime Avoidance: Many martial artists spend years, if not decades, learning how to protect themselves from criminal attacks. But they generally haven't spent any time looking at how criminals select victims or commit their attacks. 'Crime Avoidance' is a court-recognized system showing you how to identify and articulate what the criminal did to set you up for a crime. It's mostly how to nonviolently foil a felon's attempts to rob, rape, or assault you. 4pm - 7pm Jan 23.

    Day 2. Conflict Communications: How primitive survival, tribal and 'Monkey Brain' mechanisms take us into conflict faster than we can consciously think. This class goes deeply into the roots of conflicts and the unconscious expectations we have that often put us into conflict. Essential for martial artists, law enforcement, first responders, even medical and psych personnel. 9am - 5pm Jan 24.

    Day 3. How to Survive a Knife Attack: how knives are used, and why people get stabbed. A few simple 'cues,' can trigger a part of your brain that will make you take the absolutely most dangerous and stupid course of action against a type of knife attack. This is how to avoid that trap, the effects of adrenalin on perception and how it will make you walk into an attack. This lecture explains different kinds of violence and why your self defense response is not 'fighting.' 9am - 5pm Jan 25

    Book the entire weekend or choose your ala carte options. Early Bird pricing is in effect until December.

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