Traded....FAL..G1 on an Imbel

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by wayoutwest, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. wayoutwest

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    This is a G1 kit (non matching numbers) built on an Imbel Gear Logo receiver about 2003-2004…

    This is a home build with use of correct tools (locking shoulder gauges/head space gauges, receiver wrench and barrel vise).

    It has been sprayed with Aluma-Hyde II over the original finish. Pistol grip and stock are original to the kit, with arsenal repairs and were stripped, bleached and refinished with Tung oil or BLO. Finish show some scratching/wear on barrel from flash hider, right side receiver/top cover from brass, take down lever has scratched though the finish on left side. Overall looks fine, but far from perfect, definitely a shooter.

    US / .922 parts
    Gas Piston (1)
    H / T / S (3)
    Hand guards (plastic) (1)
    Cocking Handle (1)
    Floor plate/follower (2) allows use of original metal hard guards or flash hider

    Sale will include 2 mags, correct flash hider, correct sling and a bayonet, additional set of metal hand guards.

    Asking $750 shipped to your FFL from me (non FFL)
    FTF in Oregon is possible w/ ID/CHL
    (consider P225/P6 partial trade)

    Additional mags/ammo are available and will sold separately if you are interested.

    I will be happy to take additional pics as needed, and if your local you can check it out in person.

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  2. joeshmo

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    Do you still have this for sale? I may be interested in buying this rifle for $700 shipped if I can't find any cetme/saiga rifles for sale in my near vicinity by Friday. pm me if you do still have it.
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