Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses what level of force we can lawfully use if we are the victims of a car jacking. With these violent robberies increasing on a statewide level, the need to think about this scenario and prepare has never been greater. In this episode we discuss proportional force in self-defense and when we can use lethal force in our defense. Arm yourself with education today.

Dang, that article has yet another mindless repeat of a "counter-terrorism driving" technique that has inexplicably bled-over into "counter-carjacking" advice. " . . . leave yourself an escape route. Do not pull up to the bumper of the car in front of you. . . . "

Um, think about that one for a couple seconds. The vast majority of us are definitely not CT drivers who must always guard against a staged ambush.

We are mostly just ordinary folks wanting to guard against a carjacking, so we need to be concerned about two types of bad guys. One type is the guy who was desperately evading pursuit until his hoopty crapped out, and the other is that guy who's just looking to jack a car for fun or profit. Full stop, engage brain. Are those two types more likely to choose the car that is:

(a} thoroughly boxed in & going nowhere until traffic moves again, or

(b) the one sitting with plenty of room to maneuver for a quick getaway?


If that's not enough food for thought, consider which circumstance is most likely to get someone badly hurt in a carjacking attempt:

(a) Smart Phone guy who is speed dialing 911 (and his insurance company) after giving up his car to a carjacker, or

(b) Stock Car guy hoping to speed out of range before the dissed do-bad can dump a mag in his (or whatever) direction, or (the following gratuitous third option)

(c) CCW guy trying to beat the drop and changing his life forever (whether it be long or very short).
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