Taurus pt 740 slim holster options questions

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by acp, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I just got a pt 740 and looking for options iwb and owb, owb would need a lock to secure the gun like a paddle the iwb would need to be leather any thoughts? links? do you own one? I need input from owners of the slim pistols please as what to look for
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    I have had a Slim 40 since they came out and tried several holsters with no luck until I found the Uncle Mikes Sidekick size 12. It is ballistic cloth and has velcro attached snap straps if you want to use them. I removed the straps on mine as I felt they were unnecessary in any circumstance you could possibly be in. The gun is held very snugly against your body because the holster sits outside your pants and your belt is threaded around the outside of the holster. You may have to skip one belt loop to get it setting where you want. With your belt fastened a notch longer than normal, and the frame on the back side of your hip, you can cover it with an ordinary tee shirt and not see it. This makes a better carry rig than the Kel-tec 9mm I used to carry. It does take some practice shooting it though. I built up a little bump of electricians tape on the front of the trigger guard so I can use my off hand index finger to help control the recoil.

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